Lyric Translation: This Is What Enrique Iglesias Really Wants In 'El Baño'

Enrique Iglesias
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Enrique Iglesias speaks onstage during The 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at T-Mobile Arena on Nov. 17, 2016 in Las Vegas.

On Friday morning (Jan. 12), superstar Enrique Iglesias dropped his new single “El Baño” (The Bathroom), featuring Bad Bunny, and everybody went nuts about it. Some fans like the song, while others are less pleased with its hardcore lyrics. For example, the song begins, “Every time I see you, you make me so hard/ So hard to believe, that you will be mine.”

Lately, songs with double entendres such as Iglesias’ “Duele el Corazón,” Maluma’s “Felices Los 4” and Becky G’s “Mayores” are dominating not only Billboard charts, but Spotify lists worldwide, while creating a big wave of controversy.

Now, If you wanted to know what exactly Enrique Iglesias sings about on his new single, you’re in the right place. See the English translation of the new song below. 

Editor's note: "El Baño” was translated from Spanish to English with the song's author, Servando Primera, who wanted to relay the lyrics' double meaning.

“The Bathroom”


Every time I see you

You make me so hard

So hard to believe

That you will be mine

I want us to be alone

For you, I'm out of control

Forgive me, my love

For this invitation

[Chorus: Enrique Iglesias]

Let’s go to the bathroom

Where nobody can see

If you do not know me, we'll get to know each other

I know it sounds crazy, but I like it so much

To spend one more day like this, I can’t stand it

Let’s go to the moon, let’s go to the movies

Let’s kiss, and never stop

If you want something serious, we’ll see tomorrow

If we’re an item, or just friends

[Verse 1: Enrique Iglesias]

If I see you again

You’ll make me so hard

To breathe, to see you dance

If you know that you like me, why you ignore me

When I look at you, you bite your mouth

I just want to see you dance with no clothes

On the same bed, same note

[Verse 2: Bad Bunny]

(Yeeh, yeh, yeh, yeh)

Have fun coz life is going fast

Like your ex, who was average early

With you I always make more than two

You heat up on your own,  no need to use defrost

Calm down, little by little you get to know me

For now, I want to see you in all poses

If you let me wash you inside the closet

You’re already hot and it’s still not twelve, yeh

Have fun coz life is only one

And my heart stops, makes you a lagoon

Call me after one, Saint by day, devil when the moon falls, yeeh


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