Marc Anthony & Luis Miguel Link in the Studio? 7 Other Fire Collabos That Could Be Legendary

Getty Images; Design by Jessica Xie
Iris Chacon & Jennifer Lopez

Two Latin legends sparked rumors of an impending music collaboration.

Over the long holiday weekend that rang in the new year, Marc Anthony and Luis Miguel were seen pictured together on Instagram.

Even radio personality Enrique Santos shared an image of himself alongside the iconic artists, sparking suspicion that the two were on the verge of some kind of musical partnership with Magnus Media, and it got us thinking: What other collaborations could be the stuff legends are made of? 

Billboard presents seven potentially fire collaborations by artists who've long forged their legacy in the game, or surely are on the path to it.  

Entertainment icons Jennifer Lopez and Iris Chacon​The two have often been compred, with Chacon historically dubbed "la bomba de Puerto Rico" (the Puerto Rican bombshell) and credited as the original American showgirl. 

Epic storytellers Ruben Blades and La India: Two iconic salseros in their own right. One with a catalog of songs whose content didn't have to comprise great salsa for positive messages, while the other -- "the princess of salsa" -- has a flair for romantic ballads that speak to Latinos all over. 

Powerhouse voices Celia Cruz and Selena: A pity we'll never get to see this happen, but the late queen of salsa and queen of tejano together would have been something out of this world.

Afro-Cuban contemporaries Dayme Arocena and IbeyiArocena is already the toast of the jazz world and a moving Yoruba singer, while the Ibeyi twins have found a lane in new wave Afro-Latin music with roots in Yoruba, Cuban jazz and hip-hop. 

Regional Mexican icons Selena and Jenni Rivera: Both born and raised in the U.S., the late singers broke barriers as female artists in a largely male-dominated industry and genre. 

Urban innovators Tego Calderon and Residente of Calle 13: Two Puerto Rican MCs who helped kick in the door for reggaeton in an era where the genre was shunned. Later, the two emerged with politically minded music that set them apart from the onslaught of urban Latin artists out of the Caribbean. 

Mass-appeal sex symbols Maluma and Jennifer Lopez: Honestly, do we need to explain? Maluma's bad-boy charm meets J.Lo's femme fatale is bound to make for something special.