Post Malone Drops 'Rockstar' Latin Remix Featuring Nicky Jam & Ozuna: Listen

The song will officially be released on Friday (Dec. 15).

Post Malone, Nicky Jam and Ozuna’s “Rockstar” Latin remix has finally been released!

On Wednesday evening (Dec. 13), superstar Malone surprised his fans by dropping the new remix on YouTube. The rebooted track includes two of the most in-demand Latin urban acts, Nicky Jam and Ozuna, who added their Spanish flavor to lyrics about who is the most famous and powerful rockstar.

Jam raps: "A Panamanera (Porsche), an F12 in front of my house/ Gucci, Ferragamo, I buy the whole plaza/ Fine for the short rats that hunt you/ Thousands of hypocrites who come and hug you/ I live life like a king/ Kilos of music from Medellín to Monterrey/ Always crossing all the limits of the law/ My movie is always in play/ I live life like a rockstar." Meanwhile, Ozuna adds: "Okay, you are the ones who have the most/ But let’s go by the numbers and you will see that you are my children/ What I buy myself is not to border you/ Is for me to take your wife in the Mercedes."

The Latin remix is set to be released on all platforms on Friday (Dec. 15).

In the meantime, enjoy the track below: