'Differently Equal': Spanish Singer Bebe Honors Diversity of Ibero-American Countries in New Song

Bebe "Diferentemente iguales"
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Bebe "Diferentemente iguales"

“You are here since long before you existed,” Bebe sings in “Diferentemente Iguales,” the theme song for the Ibero-American General Secretariat’s new cultural campaign.

Spanish singer Bebe’s new rhythmic ballad “Diferentemente Iguales” is the theme for the Ibero-American General Secretariat’s new cultural campaign.

The song, co-written and produced by Spanish DJ Carlos Jean, is a sweet salute to the diversity of the “differently equal” people of the 19 countries in Latin America and three in Europe (Spain, Portugal and the Catalan-speaking Andorra) that are member nations of the Ibero-American cooperation organization based in Madrid.

The new campaign targets the 160 million people in those countries who are under thirty, with initiatives focusing on the unifying power of music, film and theater.

"You are here since long before you existed," Bebe sings in Spanish at the opening of the song. "Take care of me [by] protecting my way of life."

During a press conference announcing the campaign and its theme song, Bebe described “Diferentemente Iguales” as a love song: "If there is no love there is no cooperation or anything else," she said, and stressed the importance of shedding light on the socially-committed work by people who often goes unrecognized.

Bebe is known for other socially-minded songs, including her best-known track, 2004's "Malo," which became an international anthem decrying violence against women.

Watch the video for “Diferentemente Iguales” here: