5 Things to Know About Pedro Infante, Today's Google Doodle

Pedro Infante
Courtesy of Google

Pedro Infante

The guy in mariachi garb in today’s (Nov. 18) Google Doodle is Mexican singer and actor Pedro Infante, a towering figure in Latin music who is considered one of the great mariachi singers of all time as well as an actor.

The Google Doodle celebrates 100 years of the birth of “The King of Rancheras.” Infante died in 1957, but his music remains widely listened to today. No wonder he’s also known as “The Immortal One.”

Here are five fun facts:

1. Infante was a carpenter apprentice as a child and learned music from his father, who had a band. Although he played guitar, he was an exceptional singer and would eventually record over 366 songs of love and loss and swagger.

2. Infante was equally known as an actor. He acted in over 60 films during the “Golden Age” of Mexican cinema.

3. Infante was a true renaissance man of many talents. Also a successful boxer, he actually took to the ring in the film Pepe El Toro in 1953, one of his most iconic roles.

4. Infante loved airplanes and piloting, a passion that led to his death when co piloting a Consolidated Aircraft X B-24-D that crashed five minutes after taking off in Merida. His death was confirmed when a firefighter found a bracelet with Infante’s name at the scene of the crash.

5. Despite being perhaps Mexico’s biggest celebrity at the time of his death, Infante remained down to earth. The documentary Así era Pedro Infante from 1963 shows a friendly man who would cut his friend’s hair when they visited him, who worked out every day to stay in shape and who still dabbled in carpentry.