Pablo Alboran Takes His Romanticism to Another Level on New Album 'Prometo'

Pablo Alboran
Courtesy of Warner Music Spain

Pablo Alboran

Pablo Alborán has earned a devout fanbase hanks to his honest and pure songs. And just to continue delighting them with excellent songs, the Spanish singer took a good time off to define feelings and translate them into a new album titled Prometo (I Promise), released on Friday morning (Nov. 17).

Prometo, Alborán’s fourth studio album, contains twelve songs, including his three latest singles “Saturno," “Prometo” and “No Vaya a Ser.” The set has mixed feelings going from love to passion, and even touches on political matters. It is a classic piece that makes you feel every emotion in another level.

In an interview with Billboard, the Spanish star speaks about how this album was born, the meaning behind its title and what he hopes people feel after listening to it.

Why did you called the album Prometo (I Promise)?

It's a promise to myself, to be honest to my emotions -- and at the same time, a promise to my fans. I promise to make music until death. On the other hand, I think that when you promise, you build up courage and maturity. We feel secure to fulfill that promise. And so that’s how I feel right now, wanting to show the world my music with more strength than ever.

How do you describe the album?

Free. No moorings.

The album is full of songs with a lot of feelings -- what do you do to keep the same level of passion on each song?

There are different topics on the album, but always treated from the [same place of] emotion and sensitivity. The world needs a bit of calm and hopefully my music can give it a little.

Now, the song "Idiota" is something different -- you speak of a lack of love, but in this case you are the victim. How was the song born, and have you ever been that "idiot" victim of someone who did not love the same as you did?

Of course! And who does not? They have never come to throw [my] clothes out of the window but it is a scene that could have happened to me once! [Laughs.]

On "Boca de Hule" you totally take a turn both musically and lyrically. It's a more lively song and you sing with fury. Can you explain more about this song?

It is a cry of impotence. Of freedom. Part of the need we have more than ever to feel represented, that there is communication... understanding. We realize how the power corrupts, transforms and brings out the worst of the human being and more of the politicians.

Why should people listen to your music?

Each song is a piece of me. If they listen to it, they will be closer to me.

To listen to Pablo Alborán's Prometo, click here.


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