Five Essential Songs From Carlos Vives' New Album 'Vives'

Carlos Vives
Ruven Afanador

Carlos Vives

Since his return, Carlos Vives has been working really hard to create innovative and fresh music. As a proof of his success in doing so, on Friday the Colombian singer released his new album, Vives, that proves to be an incomparable piece with a unique and special sound. 

The 17-track set, which is Vives' 10th studio album, explores different genres such as the ballad, rock, children's music, the new urban sounds and, of course, vallenato. “I am an old school artist,” said Vives. “I like albums that are complete, that play different topics and the Colombian rhythm is very rich.”

Although the variety of music is different on each song, below Billboard highlights five songs that are must-listens (without any specific order) from Vives' new album.

"La mujer en la ventana"

The song is about defending battered women. In the lyric Vives asks for respect, love and equality.

“Los Niños Olvidados” with Cynthia Montaño

“Los Niños Olvidados” is dedicated to all children who have been abandoned worldwide. Musically it is a classic piece with the great vocal quality of Cynthia Montaño, who adds her way of rapping that transmits anger and sadness.

“Todo Me Gusta” with Thalia

Vives has also been known of having great collaborations and "Todo Me Gusta" with Thalía is a song to enjoy and sing all day, thanks to its rhythm and spicy lyrics.


"Mañana" is a song about life with a a classic Vives sound, when we go around the world but we always return to our roots.

“La Bicicleta” with Shakira

Last year’s Latin summer song needs to be played one more time. "La Bicicleta" became a classic hit for both Vives and Shakira.