Baby Bash, Frankie J & Chiquis Team Up for 'Qué Será': Hear a Preview (Exclusive)

Baby Bash & Frankie J, "Sangria" Cover Art
Courtesy Photo

Baby Bash & Frankie J, "Sangria" Cover Art

Baby Bash, Frankie J and... Chiquis? A collaboration is happening and it works. But maybe not the way you’d expect.

On the new song "Qué Será” (Is This Love)," Baby Bash jams with Frankie J in a sultry R&B mix, while Chiquis brings English vocals. On its chorus, it's a seamless mix of worlds. 

Chiquis already hinted something was brewing in this Instagram post. Now, Billboard is exclusively premiering a snippet of the new track off the upcoming album Sangria. Listen below.



Now, check out the actual music from the upcoming album Sangria, premiering exclusively with Billboard