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Disney/Pixar's Mexican, Music-Themed 'Coco' Looks Like 'Footloose'-Meets-Day of the Dead in New Trailer

Courtesy of Disney Pixar
A scene from Pixar's trailer for Coco.

The new animated movie is set for a Thanksgiving release.

Think of the new Disney/Pixar movie Coco as Footloose meets Day of the Dead: All music is prohibited in the home of Miguel, who has to play guitar in secret, accompanied only by his dog Dante. Miguel’s grandmother even wacks a mariachi over the head with a shoe to stop him from playing.

But Miguel’s great-great-grandfather “was the greatest musician of all time” and the boy's guitar is not any guitar, but a magic instrument that transports him to the Land of the Dead.

A new trailer for the Thanksgiving-due animated release does not reveal much about the movie’s soundtrack, which counts on Mexican Institute of Sound's Camilo Lara as music supervisor, but it’s safe to say that music will guide Miguel’s journey to solve his family mystery and find himself.


Watch the new Coco trailer here: