La Perla, Bazurto All Stars, Telebit: 3 Acts to Watch at Bogota Music Market

Matias Veras   
La Perla

From indie rockers to a group women who blend Colombian folk with a whole lot of attitude...

The annual Bogota Music Market (BoMM) kicks off tonight in Bogota, Colombia, serving as a showcase for established and emerging Colombian acts with select international guests. The event also hosts one day of conferences and a two-day music and performance "mart" for local and international buyers. 

As one of Latin America’s most dynamic and productive events, particularly for young acts, BoMM has developed a reputation for connecting Columbian acts with major and indie companies, as well as with a wide array of festivals and booking agents visiting from different countries, who listen to music by appointment during the two-day mart. 

But the heart of the event are its showcases, which will take place mostly on Tuesday, coinciding with the conferences, and extend into other nightly events during the week. From indie rockers to a group women who blend Colombian folk with a whole lot of attitude, here are three acts to watch at BoMM. 

La Perla: This all-girl quintet from Bogotá plays folk with personality and infectious enthusiasm, giving a dose of edginess to tradition without needing to add electronica or other genres to the mix.  

Bazurto All Stars: Hailing from Cartagena, in Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the septet plays the city’s traditional champeta, which blends African beats with a touch of Caribbean reggaeton and reggae. With their catchy, danceable fare, this group has distinct commercial possibilities. 

Telebit: The sextet opened up concerts for Muse in Colombia with good reason. Great songs and a lush, well-crafted sound elevate the group from the pile of the run of the mill alt act.