Enrique Iglesias Concerned About Affected Lives After Hurricane Irma

Courtesy Photo
Enrique Iglesias

During the weekend, Enrique Iglesias could not avoid his concern about Hurricane Irma and used social media to tell all his followers to stay safe.

On Sunday (Sep. 10), the superstar -- who was in the city when the nature monster hit -- even went out to the streets to see all damages caused by the storm and posted a video series on Instagram. “It’s really sad, what’s going on in Miami with this hurricane and all lives affected,” he said.

Although the eye of the hurricane did not touch land in South Florida, the inhabitants were affected by strong bands of winds and rains and many areas were extremely affected. After its passage, Caribbean islands were totally destroyed, since it became the largest and strongest hurricane of history.

For that reason, Iglesias joined Save the Children foundation to help people affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey. For more information click here.

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Irma is getting closer... everyone in Florida stay safe #miami

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