Latin Connection Podcast: Video Director Carlos Perez on 'Despacito'

Carlos Perez
Omar Cruz

Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez has directed some of Latin music’s most viewed, high-profile videos, including Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” back in the day. 

However, he’ll be the first to admit he was as taken by surprise by the success of “Despacito,” the song and the music video, as anyone else. 

“I knew the song was good, I clearly knew from Fonsi that he believed in it with great passion, but never did anyone think I would do what it did,” Perez told Billboard in this week’s episode of Latin Connection. 

“Is it my most progressive video? Absolutely not. Something that’s interesting though, is it’s probably one of the more honest videos, and it was always the approach from the get-go.”

“What was important was that the video stay true to support the lyrics of the song. And for me it was very important—and for Yankee and for Luis—to have their performances be as simple and honest as possible.”

In the end, he says, “75% of the success of a music video has to do with how good the song is. But this video, from a very honest standpoint, directly supports the vibe of the song. Not only in the choreography, but in the textures and the lighting. It’s a video that has soul to it."

Listen to it above.