Ozuna, Bad Bunny, De La Ghetto, Farruko & Messiah Narrate a Brief History of Latin Trap

"Everybody will define it with a different verison," says Bad Bunny about the phenomenon known as Latin Trap.

For Billboard's series, "A Brief History Of," we had some of the artists key to the Latin Trap movement -- including Ozuna, De La Ghetto, Bad Bunny, Farruko and Messiah -- educate us on the genre.

In 2007, "El Pistolon" was released and it featured Arcangel, De La Ghetto, Yaga & Mackie and Jowell & Randy.

"When I first started doing Trap in 2005, 2006, people thought I was crazy," De La Ghetto explains. "[They would say] the people want more Latin music, more tropical."

"What people were doing was a small imitation of what American artists were doing," Bad Bunny adds. "They took American hits and turned them into their songs."

Latin Trap originated in Puerto Rico and then Messiah came along and merge Latin and American styles together to form what we now hear today.

To learn the full history of Latin Trap, check out the video above.