Daddy Yankee Talks Marriage, 'Despacito' & Steve Aoki on Latin Connection Podcast: Listen

Daddy Yankee
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Latin Connection Podcast: Daddy Yankee

“Despacito” isn’t Daddy Yankee’s first global hit. A little over a decade ago, he popularized reggaeton at a global scale with “Gasolina,” a song that didn’t have the benefit of a big video, a big budget or major label distribution. 

In this week’s Latin Connection Podcast, we caught up with Yankee as “Despacito” enters it’s 14th week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“I was in Israel, I was in Poland, I was in Belgium, in France, in Italy, and people were singing our songs,” he says. “It was an amazing feeling. I remember back in the day we were the guys singing the songs by American artists and we didn’t know what they were saying. Right now, we’re receiving the same feedback they had back in the day.” 

Yankee also spoke about new collaborations with Steve Aoki, his home country Puerto Rico, and his enduring 23-year marriage to sweetheart Mireddys Ayala. 

“It’s been a great ride with her and I love her,” he said reflectively. “Once you become a superstar, it’s very difficult to find a real, real woman. I met her before I was Daddy Yankee so she’s the right one. She loves Raymond Ayala. She’s not in love with DY.”

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