Watch Klik & Frik's 'Tunel' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Diego Beyró
Klik + Frik

Klik & Frik, "Tunel:" Video Premiere

Immediately recognized by their silly colored party wigs and day-glo sunglasses, the festival favorites Frikstailers are best known for their bold synthesis of cumbia, dancehall, house, hip-hop and a rambling range of other rhythms “beyond genres or geographical limits.”

Having made their name on the international circuit, the Argentine adventurers are on a new journey. They’ve just released an album under a different name, Klik & Frik.

Frikstailers (Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona) became Klik & Frik for the first time at the Mutek electronic music festival in Mexico City, where they now reside.

“We tipped the scales toward the digital and the mystical,” says Caivano, who describes Klik & Frik’s music as “more introspective” than Frikstailers' tropical techno mix. “Although on some tracks the you can hear Frikstailers at the roots, Klik & Frik lets us focus on details and depths that went unnoticed before.”

Here’s the transporting video for the “Tunel” from Klik & Frik’s new album, Telepat.