Victor Manuelle on Being a Salsa 'Advocate' and Collaborating With Bad Bunny on Upcoming Album

Victor Manuelle
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Victor Manuelle

Victor Manuelle has always been an advocate of his salsa genre. But over the course of his decades-long career, he has been able to adapt to changes in music, merging with new artists that provide other Latin rhythms.

For that reason, the Puerto Rican singer has been able to not only grow as an artist, but also make history on the Billboard charts. So far, Victor owns the record of most charted titles on Tropical Airplay, after scored his 65th song with “Hasta Que Me Dé La Gana,” -- the first single from his forthcoming album, to be released next year.

On Wednesday, July 12, the salsa singer will be performing on at Fillmore Miami Beach as part of the Miller Lite concert series (only for guests 21 years old or over). Billboard had the opportunity to speak with the singer, who is already in the process of completing his next album. During the interview, he revealed details about his new collaborations, and why singing salsa is important for him.

You are one of the few singers keeping salsa alive, and your new single “Hasta Que Me Dé la Gana” proves it, What does this song have that convinced you to have it as the first single of your next album?

"Hasta Que Me Dé la Gana" is one of my favorite songs. It touches on lovelessness and spitefulness in a very strong way. The song reminds me of my career back in the '90s, when people used to identify with this ype of lyric. I am an advocate of a genre that has given me so much.

The song has also extended your record of most charted titles on Billboard’s Tropical Airplay chart -- with 65 songs, to be exact.

I am excited and very grateful to all who support me. Soon I will be celebrating 25 years of my career. And, since the first time I entered the charts until now, I feel excited and happy every time my team gives me news like this.

You are working on your next album. How is the process going? Any collaborations that you can share with us?

The album is almost done. I still don't have a name for it, but I do have great collaborations, such as Wisin, Yandel, Bad Bunny, Juan Luis Guerra and Gilberto Santa Rosa. I know that this album will meet my fans' expectations.

You’re always up to date on emerging artists -- you mention that you are going to have Bad Bunny on the album. Tell us more about this collab.

They'll listen to Bad Bunny singing salsa -- it's very interesting. The song’s title is “Mala y Peligrosa,” and it is a danceable salsa with the urban touch.

Finally, what is your goal for the rest of the year?

To continue working. I’m planning to release a second single this fall, and getting ready for the third annual Camina por Tu Heroe event on September 24, for the benefit of patients with Alzheimer's disease.