Venezuelan Artists Speak Out Through Salsa With Ruben Blades Cover: Watch

A scene from the video for Prohibido Olvidar Venezuela
Courtesy Photo

A scene from the video for "Prohibido Olvidar Venezuela."

“Prohibido Olvidar Venezuela” is a smoking and inherently poignant version of Blades’ song against political repression.

While violent events continued in Venezuela, trombonist Johsir Cordova gathered together more than 30 musicians to record a version of Ruben Blades’ “Prohibido Olvidar,” a song that name checks the loss of freedoms banned under political repression, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to question complain, the right to education, the right “to rebel against mediocrity” and the right to “the development of a national future.

The artists renamed their new version “Prohibido Olvidar Venezuela” (“Forgetting Venezuela Is Forbidden”).

“In Venezuela we are undergoing a very difficult time in which we cannot forget absolutely anything,” the singer Rafael “Pollo” Brito told Venezuelan news site El Pitazo.

“Prohibido Olvidar” was included on Blades’ 1991 album, Caminando.