Romeo Santos Releases New Single 'Imitadora': Listen

Romeo Santos
Jack Guy   

Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos has returned to prime form. "Imitadora," his new single out today, is vintage Romeo in its sensual/sexual intricate lyrics, its storytelling and sense of drama wrapped with a great chorus. 

“Imitadora” (Imitator) is a man’s desperate plea to the woman who once loved him and who now has changed beyond recognition. 

“Where is the crazy lover who once made my skin tingle? Why don’t you touch me like that woman did?” he asks plaintively. “Something’s not right. Tonight I’ll interrogate her, put and end to this usurper, this bad imitator.”

And then, he does interrogate her, going into that Romeo territory that steps into the boundaries of outright sexuality but doesn’t quite cross the line. 

“Imitadora” will usher Santos’ new album, Golden, due out July 21, the day he turns 36. The set includes collabs with multiple Latin stars, spanning genres and eras.  

Here's our first listen of "Imitadora:" 

Imitadora (Lyric Video) by Romeo Santos on VEVO.