Meet This Week's Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise: La Beriso

Courtesy Sony MusicĀ 
La Beriso

In a country with recent history rife with stadium-filling rock bands, La Beriso is the latest to move the masses. The group was formed in 1998 in Avellaneda, a working class port city outside of Buenos Aires, and named after a priest. Frontman and songwriter Rolo Sartorio is the central figure of a band that has gone through personnel changes, while achieving a slow-burning success that boiled over last year, with the release of the its sixth album, Pecado Capital. Interest in La Beriso’s universal rock sound, every-man song lyrics and energetic live performances is spreading beyond Argentine borders: this month, the band performs concerts in Spain and Chile before heading back to Buenos Aires for four more stadium-filling shows.

Meet this week's Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise: La Beriso.

Name: La Beriso

Big break: In 2016, a banner year for the band, La Beriso opened for the Rolling Stones and was Spotify Argentina’s most-streamed national rock band.

Major accomplishment: The band performed for an audience of more than 60,000 people at Buenos Aires’ iconic River Plate Stadium, followed by a string of eight shows at the city’s temple of rock, Obras Stadium.

Recommended song: Like other songs written by Rolo Sartorio, “Como Olvidarme” goes straight to the heart with touching lyrics based on his personal experience. The fact that the song about the death of a loved one has been adapted by soccer fans as a theme for the Cordoba, Argentina’s Talleres Futbol Club, says a lot about the band’s widely appealing musical style.