Alejandra Guzman & Gloria Trevi Flex Muscles in 6-Inch Heels at Sold-Out Tour Kickoff in Los Angeles

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images
Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman perform at Alejandra Guzman and Gloria Trevi's "Versus" World Tour at Staples Center on June 3, 2017 in Los Angeles.

A pivotal moment during the Versus World tour debut in Los Angeles came when Mexican singers Alejandra Guzman and Gloria Trevi became one: each staring into each other’s watery eyes as 12,000 devotees at the Staples Center lifted their bright flickering phones — and beers — to salute the two women who’d just performed a breathless, sweaty and jaw-dropping set.

It wasn’t just a trivial embrace as Guzman wiped Trevi’s tears away. It was a genuine emotional grip that ultimately symbolizes the trajectory of the two iconic entertainers who, at 49, have enthralled audiences since the ‘80s: each with her own signature style often compared, dissected and measured against each other as their careers and personal lives have met every possible headline themed around controversies, scandals and trysts. 

And then there’s the music. For many, the musical catalog that each singer holds in her repertoire really means something as they’ve stood by them all these years through the good, the bad and the six-inch heels.

Guzman — whose musical legacy is rooted to her famous Mexican parents, Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzman — performed her classics, including “Mirala Miralo” (Look at Her, Look at Him), “Hey Guera” (Hey Blondie) and “Un Día de Suerte” (One Day of Luck).

Trevi — who is also one of Mexico’s most loved celebrities — also gave it her all with her most notable songs,such as “Gloria,” “Pelo Suelto” (Loose Hair) and “Dr. Psiquiatra” (Dr. Psychiatrist).

The tour continues throughout the U.S. and Mexico with more dates to be added through the end of the year. Here are a few more things you may see and hear during the show:

The battle of two divas: The twist in the tour is about showcasing two veteran singers who have long been compared. After all, they both began performing in the ‘80s, and both are the same age, were born the same year and have the same birth month (Guzman: Feb. 9, 1968; Trevi: Feb. 15, 1968). Trust us, there is a battle to be seen during the show, and some fans clearly have a pick, but this tour could easily have been called the “We Survived Tour” as Guzman and Trevi authentically have admiration for each other.

The ramps: Dancing in skin-tight outfits and changing every few minutes is no easy task. But here, Guzman and Trevi make it look easy as they perform their signature hits in glittery, colorful and bright garb without missing a beat in towering heels. Their calf muscles prove they work hard for the money.

Call the doc: Trevi does not disappoint in her set, but it is “Dr. Psiquiatra” where Trevi returns to the heyday when she wore flamboyant outfits with big hair and rolled around the floor as part of her crazy and cool shows. Let’s just say that some folks in the first few rows left a little wet as Trevi took a bottle of water and blasted away.

Making love: Guzman’s rock/pop hits are a sure thing, but it’s perhaps her pop ballad “Hacer el Amor Con Otro” (Making Love with Another) that captivated the audience, and it’s a reminder of why Guzman lives in the hearts of many.

Diva power: Both Guzman and Trevi have endured long careers that could have ended abruptly due to the nature of being in a tough business, but seeing them united on stage and proudly displaying their music, friendship and electrifying moves in a fast-paced show is in itself a breathless experience that’s a welcome thrill ride. Sisters are definitely doing it for themselves.