I Hate 'Despacito'!: Watch Italians Spoof the Hit Song in Hilarious Video

The Jackal - Gli EFFETTI di DESPACITO sulla GENTE
Courtesy Photo

The Jackal - Gli EFFETTI di DESPACITO sulla GENTE

“Despacito” fever is at a high pitch. The No. 1 track on the Billboard Hot 100 has spawned dozens of parodies and covers in multiple languages. Our favorite to date is the trio of Italians who mercilessly mock the song as they listen to it in their cars, then proceed to sing along with wild abandon.

“Oh boy, I hate this song,” grumbles one as it begins to play on the radio. 

“You know what pisses me off?” asks another. “It’s always the same lyrics, the same song structure, over and over again.”

“Who is it, Enrique Iglesias?” says one. 

“No, no, this is Fonz… Fonzies."

“Sounds like Enrique Iglesias to me,” replies one, dismissing. Seconds later, all three launch into “Des-Pa-Cito,” lips pursed, heads a shakin', every word in Spanish memorized.

“I just hate it!” laments one. “It’s cliché, it’s always passion and amor,” gripes the other one, as all three tackle the bridge.

If you’ve seen the rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Wayne’s World, you can guess where this one is headed.

Watch below: