Residente Gets Romantic With Stunningly Beautiful 'Desencuentro' Video: Watch

A scene from the video for "Desencuentro" by Residente
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A scene from the video for "Desencuentro" by Residente.

Think Residente, think shock value, both sonic and visual. But his latest video, released in tandem with his just-released self-titled album, is drenched in love, of the kind that sends shivers down your spine.

Filmed in Paris, with iconic bistro Crémerie-Restaurant Polidor as the setting, the video for “Desencuentro,” which Residente (real name Rene Perez Joglar) also directed, is a mini-film, starring French-Canadian actress Charlotte Le Bon (The Walk, The 100-Foot Journey) and Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez (Carlos, Hands of Stone).

At a sensual 5 minutes and 15 seconds long, it shows a man and a woman inside a small restaurant, their inevitable encounter delayed by a string of happenstance that goes from accidental to comical.

“I wanted to stay away from clichés but stay close to hope, to what motivates you to keep on trying in the midst of so many setbacks,” says Residente.

The end result is breathtakingly lovely. And that’s the shock. Remember that the first video of Residente’s new album was “Somos anormales,” which begins with a larger-than-life black woman giving birth (in graphic detail) to a steady stream of naked adults.

But, says Residente, he does have a softer side.

“Everything that’s in my albums are things that surround me, and this [love] also surrounds me,” he tells Billboard. “Human relationships, relationships as a couple -- it’s something that affects me and that I like.”

As it turns out, “Desencuentro” was the first song he wrote for the album, even before he embarked on his sonic journey around the world. And lest you think this is a once-in-a-lifetime love song for the Latin music provocateur, remember that 2014’s “Ojos color sol” was also a romantic song, with an equally beautiful video starring another actor: Gael Garcia Bernal.

Here’s to love, and shock.

Residente will be a speaker at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Conference.

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