Watch La Santa Cecilia's New Visual Album 'Amar Y Vivir' Trailer: Exclusive

Courtesy Photo
La Santa Cecilia in the video for "Amar Y Vivir."

After venturing off to the colorful streets of Mexico City to record their forthcoming visual album Amar y Vivir (Love & Live), Grammy-winning band La Santa Cecilia is sharing a first look of their new audiovisual production exclusively on Billboard. 

Featuring collaborations with Mexican singer Eugenia León and Chilean songstress Mon Laferte, among others, the visual album was recorded live in bars, parks and iconic plazas -- like the Zócalo and Parque México -- in just five days. 

"Amar y Vivir is a collection of songs that are very near and dear to our heart, and to the history of the band, and to us as musicians," vocalist La Marisoul said in a statement. 

"These are the songs that we learned from our parents; the songs we heard at parties. We learned how to play music with these songs, and I learned how to be a singer through these boleros and rancheros. These are the songs that we always return to when we’re in a family gathering or just us amongst the band. These are always the songs we play, enjoy and sing together.” 

Amar y vivir follows the band's Grammy-nominated LP Buenaventura. The new visual album will be released May 12 under indie label Rebeleon Entertainment and produced by Grammy-winning Sebastian Krys.

The first two singles from the record, "Leña de pirul" and "Amar y vivir," will drop April 7.

Below, check out an exclusive first look at the visual album's trailer: