Listen to Ed Sheeran & Zion y Lennox's 'Shape of You' Latin Remix

Zion Y Lennox
John Parra/Getty Images for Univision

Zion Y Lennox perform during Univisions Premios Juventud Awards Rehearsals at Bank United Center on July 11, 2016 in Miami.

Reggaetón duo Zion y Lennox added a Latin twist to Ed Sheeran's chart-topping track "Shape of You," which dropped over the weekend and made the already-catchy tune even more irresistible.

The collab was made possible thanks to the duo's music label Warner Music, which is also Sheeran's label.

"We were thrilled to work on this amazing track because everything about it is beautiful. The rhythm, which is very Carribean, everything. It's very representative of what he can do with music. We saw him last year and he had a country song, you'd never imagine it's Ed Sheeran. For us it was great news to be able to make this happen," Zion y Lennox previously told Billboard adding that they recorded the remix in a hotel room in Guatemala. "The result is epic." 

Check out the remix below: 

On the charts, Sheeran's "Shape" tops the Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated April 1) for an eighth week. Zion y Lennox's Latin remix joins other remixes by Major Lazer and Wale