Nicky Jam & Jose Jose's Biopics to Air on Telemundo

Nicky Jam, photographed Feb. 1 in front of a mural of himself painted by fans in Medellín.
Koury Angelo

Nicky Jam, photographed Feb. 1 in front of a mural of himself painted by fans in Medellín.

Nicky Jam will premiere a biopic series titled El Ganador (The Winner) on Telemundo, the chart-topping artist revealed on the network's Un Nuevo Dia morning show. 

"They will know my whole story, everything that happened to me, also my childhood," he said. The series, with no release date yet, will begin filming this summer. It will be produced by Nicky Jam with his manager Juan Diego Medina and directed by Jessy Terrero.

"El Ganador" is also the first song from his comeback studio album Fenix, which briefly tells his life story through its lyric and a music video released last month. "The song and video are just a fragment of the story. In the series, I detail my life, what happened to my mom, my dad and all my suffering."

Nicky Jam hopes to help and inspire younger kids and from the series learn that "they too can be down and rise."

The "El perdón" singer will also star in the biopic series because he wants to be the one telling the story, he explained.

Watch the interview below:

Jam’s isn't the only biopic being released by Telemundo: The network also announced Mexican singer/songwriter José José's series titled Nace un Ídolo (An Idol is Born).

José José’s story embodies a man’s journey to "reach the status of an idol -- including fame and fortune -- and the high price he had to pay to achieve his dreams."

The series, produced by Telemundo Studios, highlights the passion and excitement that a superstar artist feels for his craft and the adoration of his fans. It also displays the frailty of the man coping with his addiction and its damaging effects such as almost losing his family, his voice and his life.

Memoirs and biopics will be a hot topic at this year's Billboard Latin Music Conference. The "Me, Me, Me" panel will explore why Latin acts are a hot commodity for memoirs and biopics. To register for the conference, visit here