Becky G Is a Runaway Bride in Her New Video 'Todo Cambio'

Courtesy Photo
Becky G in the video for "Todo Cambio."

Becky G isn't settling down for anyone in her new music video "Todo cambió," which dropped today (March 3). Just as she's getting ready to walk the aisle with the "perfect guy" her parents approve of, she meets someone else unexpectedly, and rethinks these marriage plans after magical dates with this possible new amor

Watch Becky G become a runaway bride and chase true love in "Todo cambió" below: 

"When I made this song, my life was going through a lovely turnaround," Becky G said about the song, which will be featured in her upcoming Spanish album. "I was falling in love. I had decided to record my first album in Spanish. I was filming my first movie, and living on my own for the first time... Lots of things were happening for the first time! Everything was different, but in a good way, a way that helped me grow and inspired me to take control of my life as I never had before."

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