Luis Coronel's Musical Coming of Age: Drops New Single For 21st Birthday & Talks New Album

Luis Coronel performs at Univision Studios on Dec. 31, 2016 in Miami.
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Luis Coronel performs at Univision Studios on Dec. 31, 2016 in Miami. 

Luis Coronel is celebrating his 21st birthday surrounded by fans -- literally. 

The regional Mexican chart-topping artist dropped his new single and music video "Dime qué se Siente" on Friday (Feb. 3), where he parties it up with some of his fans at a Hollywood nightclub to celebrate the special day. 

The release of his new single is just the first of many exciting projects we can expect from the singer. Coronel will serve as a judge on Univision's Pequeños Gigantes USA alongside Prince Royce and Bianca Marroquín.

Later this year, he'll be releasing his third studio album under Sony Latin Music, his new label home. The new LP follows Coronel's 2014 Top Latin Albums No. 1 Quiero Ser tu Dueño

Billboard caught up with Luis Coronel to talk about the evolution of his music, his new gig at Univision and why he's determined now more than ever to prove that Latinos and immigrants are part of what makes America great.

What a great way to kick off your 21st birthday! Tell us about "Dime qué se Siente" and what it was like recording the video with fans.

I've been waiting for this moment for so long, and now it's finally here. We decided to premiere the new song on my birthday because I wanted to give my fans this gift.

The song is very romantic. It has a very clean message about love. And the concept of the video is very different because we're pretty much just having a party with my fans, we're taking pictures in a photo booth, just having a good time. Also, working with the directors Mike Ho and Jessy Terrero was amazing. What I loved the most was that they asked me about what ideas I had for the video! Jessy Terrero was amazing. What I loved the most was that they asked me about what ideas I had for the video! 

What can we expect to hear on your new album? Are you experimenting with new genres or sticking to regional Mexican?

It's been three years without music but it's not like I haven't been working on new music, I have, I've just been taking my time and really dedicating all my attention to what I'm creating. All I can say is that it's going to be very different from anything any other regional Mexican artist has put out there. We're doing some fusion with tropical, reggaetón and bachata beats. It's going to put us on different platforms and expand the regional Mexican genre. 

You were just starting your career when you recorded your last album in 2014. How was it being back in the studio again three years later? 

It was completely different. The first two albums were placed in my hands and I had three days to record them. I was given just a couple of days to record songs that I didn't even know and had to learn them fast. I mean, I'm grateful for both albums because they did so well, but this third album is mine and who I am. These are my ideas. I include songs that I believe are going to help my career and not what other people want me to record. I can decide which song I like, which song I don't. If I want to make new arrangements, record with another artist, etc. I definitely have more say in my music now.  

On another note, we're going to see you as a judge on Pequeños Gigantes USA. You're still pretty young too so, I'm curious to know how you feel about being a mentor to these kids? 

Pequeños Gigantes USA has helped on a personal level. It has helped me wake up with a smile on my face and a positive attitude and it's because I get to work with little kids. I'm someone who is going to mentor young talent, that's crazy. In a way I'm just like them because I'm also just starting my career, so I understand what they're going through. It's such a positive show and we really need that right now. To be honest, being part of this show made a happier person. 

You were very outspoken during the 2016 presidential elections and one of the issues close to your heart was immigration. How are you dealing with President Trump's orders on the border wall and immigration ban? 

I do my best not to follow or pay attention to whatever he's saying. Sure, he's the president but all I know is that I want to prove that we're not the people others think we are. Everyday I wake up thinking that I will show them what a hard-working person I am and that I don't do bad things. I'm here working on this amazing show where I'm making people smile and happy and helping little kids. That's what I'm focusing my energy on. 

Would you like to share what your best birthday memory is? 

The best birthday memory I have is with my dad, the last birthday I got to spend with him. He wished me happy birthday, gave me a hug, a kiss and then told me had to leave to work. That's my favorite birthday memory.