Shakira Invites Fans to Show Off Their 'Chantaje' Dance Moves

Shakira in the video for "Chantaje"
Courtesy Photo

Shakira in the video for "Chantaje" featuring Maluma.

We already know Shakira's hips don't lie, but can her fans match her sensual dance moves from "Chantaje"?

The Colombian superstar is challenging her fans to recreate the choreography from the music video and post on social media, using the hashtag #ChantajeChallengeContest. The winner, chosen on Feb. 8, will get to meet Shak and go to a soccer match with her in Barcelona. (More details on the contest here.)

"Killing it with your 'Chantaje' dance moves," the singer-songwriter wrote. "You guys are good. Keep posting your videos and I'll pick my favorite one and invite the winner to come hang with me at a match in Barcelona." 

Need some inspiration for your "Chantaje" video? Check out Shakira's best dance moves from the clip: 

You guys are really impressing me with your moves to Chantaje! Wonder if you can match mine… Shak

— Shakira (@shakira) January 25, 2017

It's not the first time the singer invites her fans to get up and dance and share the videos on social media. For the smash hit "La bicicleta" with Carlos Vives, the two artists invited kids to join in on the fun and dance to the beat of the reggaetón/vallenato single.