Spanish Prosecutor Investigating Odious Tweets About Bimba and Miguel Bosé

Bimba Bose photographed on May 7, 2014 in Madrid, Spain.
Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Bimba Bose photographed on May 7, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. 

Fans reply with a wave of support for the late artist and her uncle after anti-gay messages surface on social media following Bimba's death.

Elvira Tejada, a prosecutor for Spain’s Information Technology Crimes Court, told Spanish press that she has asked police to “carefully analyze” tweets sent after the death of pop star Miguel Bosé’s niece, artist and model Bimba Bosé, to determine if their authors can be charged with a hate crime because of their obscene and homophobic content.

#ataquesBimbaM4 became a trending topic in Spain when the public showed outrage after several obscene tweets referring to Bimba -- who died on Monday (Jan. 23) of complications from breast cancer at age 41 -- were sent out by private users. Homophobic messages were also directed at Miguel, who had announced his niece’s death via tweet. 

The subject of hate speech on Twitter and officials’ reaction to it has been a hot topic in Spain as of late. Last week, the Spanish rapper known as César Strawberry was sentenced to a year in prison for “glorifying terrorism and “humiliating victims,” for tweets that he sent name-checking a victim of the Basque separatists group ETA and mentioning the Spanish militant group GRAPO. At the trial in Madrid, Strawberry denied that his comments supported terrorism, and invoked his right to free speech.

In 2016, controversy exploded when anti-bullfight activists on Twitter showered an 8-year-old cancer patient whose dream was to be a torero with criticism, including saying that he "should die." That case has not resulted in any criminal convictions.

According to the Spanish press agency Efe, the case against Bimba's Twitter haters is complicated, because in Spain, a hate speech case has to be initiated by the victim.