Ani Cordero Takes Aim at 'Corruption' in New Video: Exclusive Premiere

Ani Cordero
Bek Andersen

Ani Cordero

The inciting protest song from Cordero's upcoming album Querido Mundo is accompanied by an optimistic animated clip.

Ani Cordero’s new album, Querido Mundo (Dear World), is (as they used to say on MTV) a call to stop being polite and start getting real.

“I made this record as a reaction to recent political events,” says the former drummer for Brooklyn band Pistolera. “Music is my main form of activism and it’s my hope that these songs will encourage political participation and much needed conversations.”

The album’s first single, "Corrupción," couldn’t be more current, or more timeless.

“Corrupción has two levels, a direct level -- aimed at politicians in Puerto Rico where nepotism and corruption are rampant,” says Cordero, who grew up in Atlanta in a Puerto Rican family. “And at a wider level it’s about the corruption of governments world-wide, calling out their abuse of power and resources.”

The inciting protest song is accompanied by an optimistic video by illustrator and animator Stephanie Wieland, and premieres below with Billboard.

Hand drawn in social realist style, the clip takes a bird’s eye view of global graft, ending with rallying images that encourage community dissent and using the power of music as a weapon against injustice.

“This record comes out in a dangerous political climate. In the United States,” Cordero says. “The government has fallen to the control of men who encourage misogyny, white supremacy, and discrimination. This new leadership threatens to change the legal fabric of the country, and has no reservations about reducing the civil rights of its citizens. Both in the U.S. and abroad there seems to be a rising tide of nationalism and increasing violence against immigrant communities. We cannot live in fear. It’s up to us to speak our minds and defend each other.”

Querido Mundo is set for release Feb. 24. Cordero will preview the album tonight (Jan. 6) at Barbes in Brooklyn, and perform at an album release party at Manhattan’s Rockwood Music Hall on Feb. 26.

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