Listen to Bomba Estereo's New Remix 'Raiz' Feat. Nicola Cruz: Exclusive Premiere

Ahead of the release of Amanecer Remixed, Bomba Estéreo today premieres the new version of their track "Raíz" featuring Ecuadorian producer and DJ Nicola Cruz exclusively on Billboard

The re-interpretation of the song is featured on the Colombian duo's remix of their 2015 Grammy-nominated album, which is set to drop on Dec. 16. 

"Bomba is a band that originated from the world of electronica and it's always exciting to be able to invite producers in the scene to collaborate on our music with pure creative freedom," Bomba Estéreo's Simon Mejía tells Billboard.

"In this case, Nicola Cruz is a good friend of the band and he made an incredible remix of 'Raiz.' This is a remix album with a wide variety of sounds, representing the entire spectrum of today's electronica scene. These remixes come closely connected to the dance floor which gives them a certain dynamic and high energy feel. They have the dancer in mind and always consider how to keep things moving. Like Joe Arroyo once said, "no matar el bailador." These are definitely mixes to get down to."

Cruz adds: "I've been talking with Simon about working together for some time now, and re-mixing Bomba seemed like the perfect collaboration. I figured 'Raiz' would be the ideal song to remix because it has such great transitional moments and I felt I could push it further, maybe more towards a 'Pacific / marimba style'. I love the idea of a modern reinterpretation -- lots of freedom and experimentation -- that's my field. The result was very special: dub chords, Andean-influenced percussion, mysterious melodies and Li's voice." 

Listen to the exclusive premiere of the "Raíz" remix ft. Cruz: 

Amanecer Remixed complete track list: 
1. Amanecer (Omulu Remix)
2. Caderas AC (Montro Remix)  
3. Somos Dos (Motiff Music Remix)  
4. Soy Yo (Happy Colors Miee Remix)  
5. Fiesta (Remix ft. Will Smith)  
6. Voy (De La Playa Version By Simón Mejía)
7. Algo Está Cambiando (Skip & Die Remix)  
8. Mar (Lo Que Siento) (Jamie Prado Remix)  
9. To My Love (Tainy Remix)  
10. Sólo Tú (Toy Selectah Remix)    
11. Raíz (Nicola Cruz Remix)  
12. Corazón (Bonus Track - previously unreleased song by Bomba Estéreo)