Jenny and the Mexicats: Exclusive Video Premiere

Jenny and The Mexicats
Courtesy of Jenny and The Mexicats

Jenny and The Mexicats

Watch the indie band of multinationals’ beach party for “Me and My Man."

A resort on the Mexican Riviera; sun, cocktails, swimming and sunsets. No, it’s not your dream vacation, it’s the new video from the multinational Mexico City based band Jenny and the Mexicats.

Jenny Ball plays trumpet and the band members accompany her on guitar and cajon while performing the reggae-rooted single “Me and My Man.” The song “tells people to not stick their nose in where they are not invited,” says Ball of the single she composed. "What you don't know and you don't understand, is between me and my man."

The third album from the SXSW veterans is due out in early 2017.

Watch the video for Jenny and the Mexicats’ “Me and My Man” exclusively today on Billboard.