Laura Pausini Drops Her First Christmas Album & Music Video: Watch

Josh Rossi
Laura Pausini

Fifteen years ago Italian singer Laura Pausini began dreaming about recording a Christmas album. Her first attempt and proposal to her label was thwarted by the simple fact that in Italy, traditional Christmas albums are not very successful.

But the idea came up again when Pausini visited Disney parks in Orlando, FL during the festive season last year. “We lived the most amazing Christmas moment. A lot of music around us,” Pausini told Billboard.

But, in her mind, she was looking for the perfect pitch to present to the label. A conversation with her father sparked an idea to bring together two of her dreams: Christmas songs with swing music. Today, the Italian superstar is releasing Laura Xmas (English version) and Laura Navidad (in Spanish), in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas season.

The 12-track album was produced by Patrick Williams (Frank SinatraBarbra StreisandAndrea Bocelli and Michael Bublé) who along with his orchestra recorded the album at the legendary Capitol Records studio in Los Angeles.  

What does Pausini look like singing Christmas tunes? Check out the video premiere of her first single, “Santa Claus Llegó a la Ciudad” (Santa Claus is Coming to Town), exclusively on Billboard. The video was shot at Teatro Comunal Ebe Stignani in Imola, Italy and directed by Gaetano Morbioli, who has done may Pausini’s music videos in the past.

In a conversation with Billboard, the singer talked in detail about the album, her favorite Christmas song and the TV show La Banda, and even confessed what she learned from colleague Marc Anthony that she became addicted to.

You’ve been very busy this year. Not long ago you released Similares, you went on tour, you have a TV show in Italy and you’ve recording the first part of La Banda. When did you find time to record this album?

I have been working on this album from the beginning of this year. When I took the time to work on it, I really dedicated not [just] three hours, but a full day, I really wanted it to be special. And I knew the songs by heart because I chose my favorite ones, so it was easy for me.

If you were able to sing any of the songs from your album with the original singer, which song you will pick and who’s that singer?

My favorite song from this album is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and I would love to sing it with Frank Sinatra. When I was young my friends used to joke about that, because they didn’t understand why I listened to his music. But my family listened Frank Sinatra music since I was little, and I love him.

On November 24 you will be presenting your album live in Disneyland, Paris. How did this idea came about?

The idea came from Disney’s team and I thought that it came like a gift. Last year I had the most amazing experience during Christmas in Orlando, FL.  That day I will be opening the Christmas season with all the Disney characters.  

You will be singing to the Latin Grammy Person of the Year, which is Marc Anthony. What's your favorite Marc Anthony song? 

The one that I like the most is the one that I’m singing that night, and I can’t tell you (she laughs). But, “Vivir Mi Vida” is also the other one that I like.

What is your best memory with Marc?

When I was touring with him in a bus for a month and he was the one that got me addicted to watching TV series. At that time, he got me addicted to the show LOST, and I couldn’t even go on stage without finishing an episode. It was crazy!  Marc had to come every time to knock the door to push me to the stage.

Let’s talk about La Banda. Now you have boys and girls involved. Does that make it harder to choose? 

La Banda for me is the most interesting talent show ever.  I fell in love with the concept. I wanted to be in the second season after they told me that they were adding the girls.  And now with the live part of the show you can see that girls are showing the power. Girl power!