Epic Jenni Rivera Hologram Surprises Fans at Day of the Dead Event in Hollywood

Estrella Jalisco celebrates Jenni Rivera
Casey Rodgers/AP Images for Estrella Jalisco

Estrella Jalisco celebrates Jenni Rivera tribute with first Hispanic hologram on Oct. 29, 2016, in Los Angeles. 

The 17th annual Day of the Dead event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery set the stage for the epic and historical return of the late singer Jenni Rivera who, via hologram, was able to perform once again for her fans and family on Saturday night (Oct. 29). 

As the eventful and colorful night came to an end, Juan Rivera, Jenni's younger brother, took the stage to reveal the highly anticipated surprise in store for attendees. Just like he did at every one of her concerts, Juan introduced his sister onstage while admitting he was feeling "very nervous" but excited that his sister would be the first regional Mexican singer and Latin artist to have a hologram.

It's safe to say he wasn't the only one feeling anxious or apprehensive. The rest of the Rivera family, who watched from a private pit in front of the stage, eagerly awaited for the curtain to drop and see the "Diva de la Banda" make history and perform again four years after her passing. 

"This is where I was born, in Los Angeles. This is where I first sang, where the audience applauded me, launched my career and believed in me," a recording of Jenni's voice said. "It's the same audience that is still here with me. Thank you for your love. I hope you guys all have fun tonight and are satisfied and that this party that we have here in L.A. every year is also unforgettable." 

Then came the revelation of the hologram. There was Jenni onstage again wearing a bright red jumpsuit ready to give a chilling performance of the song "Cuando muere una dama" accompanied by a live banda. With tears in their eyes, Jenni Rivera's parents, kids and siblings watched attentively while singing along with the legend. 

A #JenniRivera hologram surprises fans at #LADayOfTheDead event!

— billboard latin (@billboardlatin) October 30, 2016

Whether it was from shock or excitement, fans were left speechless, and, of course, wanted to hear more from the singer, One song would have to suffice for the night. 

"I hope the fans, my parents and my nephews liked the surprise," said an emotional Juan during a press conference following the performance. "But I especially want to thank my nephews for trusting me. I hope that today you guys got a little bit of what you've missed for four years." 

Chiquis, who couldn't hold back tears during the conference, said she felt like "running to the stage" to give her mom a hug when she saw the hologram. "I felt like it was not long enough. I wanted more of her." 

For those who were left wanting more, there are more surprises in store with the Jenni hologram, which was created by Hologram USA, which works with the estates of deceased celebrities like Whitney Houston, Billie Holiday and Judy Garland, among many others. In this case, says Gustavo Lopez, EVP and GM at UMLE, Rivera's label, Hologram USA was looking for Latino talent for a tour.

On Saturday, Juan Rivera and López officially announced the participation of the hologram at the forthcoming L Festival in Los Angeles in March 2017.

The hologram was made possible by a partnership between Jenni Rivera Enterprises and the Mexican beer company Estrella Jalisco, who brought up the idea of this historical tribute to Jenni Rivera's family a while back. Juan Rivera, who was 100 percent involved in the creation of the hologram, spoke to Billboard just days before the Day of the Dead event explaining why it was the right time to create a Jenni Rivera hologram.

"Our goal is to maintain my sister's legacy and memory vibrant. We had been asked before in 2013 if we wanted to do a hologram, but we asked my sister's kids how they felt about it, and they felt it was still too fresh and to be honest, we were all going through a very difficult time. Now, we're able to manage our emotions a little bit more.'" 

Going above and beyond for this special tribute for the chart-topping artist, Estrella Jalisco's Yonathan Bendesky, marketing director for Mexican Imports – Anheuser-Busch, said their goal was to "find an innovative way to celebrate the Day of the Dead." The company was also in charge of selecting "Cuando muere una dama," penned by Jenni Rivera, for the performance. "The lyrics talk about how Jenni wanted her fans and family to remember her when she died, It's the perfect song for the occasion." 

For Juan and the rest of the Rivera family, the hologram was all about "trying to do is give my sister's fans something special and something to remember. I am grateful that we're doing it on such a special day. It's as if we're bringing her to life."  

For fans who didn't get to watch the live performance, watch below on Facebook Live: 

Jenni Rivera

Estamos en vivo desde nuestro evento de #DiadelosMuertos! Sé testigo del regreso especial de La Gran Señora, Jenni Rivera! #EstrellaJalisco

Posted by Estrella Jalisco on Saturday, October 29, 2016

The third part of Jenni Rivera's posthumous album Paloma Negra Desde Monterrey dropped on Oct. 28, including live performances of hit songs like "Inolvidable," "A cambio de qué," "Culpable o inocente" and "Mírame."