Watch Carla Morrison's New Music Video 'No Vuelvo Jamas'

Courtesy Photo
Carla Morrison, "No Vuelvo Jamás"

Following the release of her playful and seductive music video "Azúcar morena," Carla Morrison's new audiovisual production for "No vuelvo jamás" takes on a darker storyline. 

The Mexican singer-songwriter premiered the new music video where she metaphorically uses a tragic car accident to illustrate the song's message -- which is about heartbreak and losing the love of your life.

The "No vuelvo jamás" video, starring Morrison and Mexican actor Cayetano Aramburo, was directed by Broducers Agency who also directed Morrison's last two music clips "Vez primera" and "Azúcar morena."

Check out the video below: 

"No vuelvo jamás" is part of Morrison's album Amor Supremo, which received a Latin Grammy nomination for best alternative music album and her track "Vez primera" is up for Best Alternative Song.