Shakira Announces New Single 'Chantaje' Feat. Maluma

Shakira in 2016
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Shakira arrives at the Walt Disney Animation Studios' Zootopia premiere held at the El Capitan Theatre on Feb. 17, 2016 in Hollywood, Calif.

If you spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out the title of Shakira's new single and who she's collaborating with, you weren't alone. 

After sharing clues on her social media throughout the morning, the Colombian singer's fans gave it their best shot at guessing the title of her new song and the artist she's featuring. The first fan to resolve the mystery would get a personal message on Instagram from Shakira confirming the correct answer.

The first clue was a picture of Shak wearing a magician's hat and holding a rabbit. Her caption: "Abracadabra!"



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Next clue: A selfie with a white board in the background with the names of countries and cities and a drawing of a crown. "Selfie of the day. Nothing special or maybe?"


Selfie del dia - nada especial o si? Selfie of the day. Nothing special or maybe?

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Third clue: Shakira holding a poster with a photo of Alejandro Sanz + TA + G. Her caption reads: "I hope you guys been paying attention to the clues I’ve been posting today. I will send a DM to one of the first to correctly guess the name of my new single and the artist I’ve collaborated with. Post your guesses in the comments below, and keep an eye on your Insta inbox…"


And after the many guesses made by her fans she confirmed her new single is titled "Chantaje" featuring urban superstar Maluma.


In the message sent to the fan who guessed correctly, Shakira explains: "Magic was the name of my first album ever and also Maluma's. The crown is Maluma's tattoo. And lastly, 'Chan' is Alejandro Sanz's nickname, plus you add the 'TA' and the G sound at the end."

Shak and Maluma also shared with their millions of followers on social media the artwork for their single. 

A few months ago, both Colombian superstars shared photos together on social media -- although neither had confirmed a collaboration. Recently, Maluma released the remix to Shakira and Carlos Vives' summer hit "La Bicicleta."