Txarango Lends Song to Video for Children Dying of Cancer: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Fundació Enriqueta Villavecchia "Compta amb mi"

A ballad by Barcelona band Txarango accompanies a very moving and brave video, picturing a child’s death.

The members of the popular Barcelona band Txarango describe their musical project as a “circus of musicians” dedicated to spreading “joy and revolt.” And fittingly, Txarango’s music, a fusion of reggae, pop and Latin dance rhythms with lyrics in the artists’ native Catalan, easily lends itself to abandon at the band’s frequent club and outdoor festival dates.

Txarango has now used one of its whimsical ballads to bring attention to more somber circumstances. The song, “Compta Amb Mi,” (“Count on Me”), from the band’s most recent album, accompanies a new video created for a Barcelona foundation that assists families of children with incurable diseases, providing medical and other services that allow them to live out the rest of their short lives comfortably, and to die at home.

The clip is directed by David Casademunt of Fitzcarraldo Films, a production company that has made videos for Pablo Alborán, Antonio Orozco and other Spanish pop stars, and which partnered with the Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation for children with cancer for a funding drive to benefit its programs. Txarango granted free use of the song for the clip, also called “Compta Amb Mi.”

Dedicated to “all of the children who suffer illnesses that limit their life, and to their families,” the clip uses simple hand-drawn animation to create an evocative, very moving and very brave picture of a child’s death.

The song, while not written expressly for the video, easily could have been, as it beautifully -- and heartbreakingly -- symbolizes the relationship between parent and child.

Here is an excerpt of the lyrics translated to English:

Count on Me In the last sigh of night and the first breath of day

Count on me when the days turn to rust, and if the fog clouds the windows

And you and I,

In a frozen city, brushing snow from between your sheets

And you and I,

Until you wings are healed, I’ll be here to chase away your nightmares

Count on me

In the days of struggle

And if hope leaves you in bad times I will hold you in my embrace

Count on me