Becky G Gets Emotional in 'Why I Vote' Video Series: Watch

Courtesy of Vevo
Becky G

Becky G will be voting for the very first time this year, and she has a good reason for why she's pushing her to vote in the upcoming presidential elections in November. 

"I vote for families to stay together, and for people to be allowed to follow their dreams," says the 19-year-old singer in an emotional video where she shares her own family's struggles and journey. 

Becky G's four grandparents all emigrated from Mexico to the United States with hopes of achieving the American Dream and giving their kids a better opportunity. "Somewhere inside of me, in the blood that runs through me, in my work ethic and my ambition, it comes from my grandparents and my parents. It comes from our unity as a family and our will to do whatever it takes." 

Check out the emotional video below: