Mana's Fher Olvera on Final Presidential Debate: 'It's Ridiculous to Have a Candidate Like Trump'

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images
Fher Olvera of Mana performs on at Valley View Casino Center on June 10, 2015 in San Diego. 

The third and final presidential debate took place in Las Vegas last night, with Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton discussing relevant topics, including immigration -- a subject especially important to the Latin community. 

Maná's frontman, Fher Olvera -- who's been advocating the Latino vote in the upcoming elections and has publicly expressed his anti-Trump sentiment -- took to social media to give his reaction to last night's debate.

"After watching the last presidential debate, it's preoccupying and even ridiculous that the United States has a presidential candidate like Trump," wrote the Mexican singer on Twitter. "The way Trump expresses himself about Mexicans and the Latin community is incredible. Like a lot of people have perceived it, he is a racist." 

During the debate, Trump stuck with his plan to build a great wall on the U.S./Mexico border to keep the "bad hombres" out of the country, while Clinton tried to lay out her plan for comprehensive immigration reform.

Olvera continued: "What's dangerous here is that if he wins, there could be raids against undocumented immigrants, harassing them from door to door, business to business and from city to city, affecting anyone who 'looks' Latino. That is racism. Like we said a few weeks back, 'without the Latino vote, it's easier for Trump to reach the sun than the presidency of the United States.' Now, go make your vote count and vote on Nov. 8." 

Maná is currently on their Latino Power Tour in the U.S. The trek is billed as a call to all Latinos to show their power, and make their voices heard by voting in the upcoming elections.

Upcoming tour dates include stops in major cities including Miami, San Antonio and Los Angeles. Complete tour dates here