Lila Downs Premieres 'The Demagogue' Song Dedicated to Donald Trump

Lila Downs
Alan Hess/Invision/AP

Lila Downs performs at the RiseUp As One at Cross Border Xpress on Oct. 15, 2016 in San Diego. 

During Univision and Fusion's Rise Up as One concert over the weekend, Lila Downs premiered her new song titled "The Demagogue," an anti-Donald Trump track in which she calls out the Republican nominee for his campaign's hateful rhetoric in her lyrics.

"There’s a blue-eyed devil man/ Thinks he's king of the world/ He’s a bully, a salesman/ Selling fear and hate/ Who do you think you are? ... No to that wall/ I'm cutting all the hate and planting love," the Mexican-American artist sings in the bilingual tune.

Before performing "The Demagogue," the Grammy Award-winning singer told the crowd, "I want to thank all the beautiful Latin American people that come from different places to work hard and to demonstrate our pride of identity and humility. We know how to be sweet and at the same time we can be strong to be able to work hard, and that's the part that they don't respect. With our unity, we have to show the beauty of our pueblos, the harmony of our music and the greatness of our heart."

Watch her performance here

Billed as a celebration of unity, music and diversity, the Rise Up as One concert took place on Saturday at the U.S./Mexico border in San Diego, California.  

The star-studded concert included Miguel Bosé, Becky G, Carlos Vives, Natalia Lafourcade and René Pérez "Residente," who endorsed Hillary Clinton but pointed out that both candidates are "terrible." "But we have to vote for the least terrible, which is Hillary."