Los Temerarios' Gustavo Angel Talks New Single 'Solo Quiero Olvidarte,' Plus First Look at Cover Art

Carlos Perez
Adolfo and Gustavo Ángel of Los Temerarios

Known for their nostalgic lyrics, romantic ballads and charismatic personalities, Mexican duo Los Temerarios are still howling just as loud as they did when they first formed their group in 1977 in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. 

In the midst of releasing their new album, brothers Adolfo and Gustavo Ángel aren't taking the typical route of releasing two to three singles and then dropping the album. Instead, they will be premiering two singles every three months until they release the 10 songs included in the new LP. "Te diré que no," the first single from the album, will be followed by "Solo quiero olvidarte," due this Friday. 

During a candid conversation with Gustavo Ángel, younger brother of the duo, the singer and songwriter reflects on their four-decade career, talks about their new single and shares details about their untitled album -- which we can expect sometime next year. 

Your new single "Solo quiero olvidarte'" is premiering just days after releasing "Te diré que no," a romantic pop ballad. What can you tell us about this new track?

Time is flying by and I can't believe that we're already premiering our second single from the new album. I'm very proud of "Te diré que no" and how our fans have responded to it. The new song "Solo quiero olvidarte" is actually one of my favorites from the album. I'm very excited for this release, like I am with any new song that we put out. I always feel like it's the first time we're putting out a song or as if we were just starting out when we debut a new album. There will also be a music video attached to "Solo quiero olvidarte," which was filmed during a concert in Pomona, California. It's directed by Carlos Perez, who also directed the video for "Te diré que no." 

Since your first songs like "Eres un sueño" or "Mi vida eres tú," you've been rolling out some of the most romantic lyrics in Latin music. What keeps you and your brother inspired?

It stems from having great love and respect for music. Being able to transmit and share those feelings that come from the heart is something beautiful. I want to continue giving the fans great songs who in return give us even better things and really, it's because of them that we are still doing this. Wherever we perform, they're there and they've been supporting us since we began. 

After four decades in the music industry, chart-topping albums/songs, touring around the world, what would you say has been your biggest satisfaction?

I decided to go into the music industry when I was younger and now I know that I made the right decision. It was very difficult for me because I was in school and I loved going to school. But I got to a point where I was missing class, although I would still try my best to get my work done and even go to class when I hadn't slept all night. Then I had to make the choice because I couldn't be doing both things at the same time, going to school and have a career in music. So I did it, I chose music and that is my biggest satisfaction, knowing it all worked out. And every time I'm onstage, believe me, it's one of the most beautiful opportunities that life has given me. I have so much love for what I do, the same type of love I have for my wife and kids. 

Los Temerarios will be inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame in October. Where does this recognition fall under all the recognition/awards you guys have received? 

When I heard the news I felt very thankful and proud. When these types of things happen, we know we have to continue working hard. It's a very important recognition but I've always said that the recognition most important to me is the one the fans give you and when they feel close to you because of music. When I run into people and they tell me that they have dedicated my songs or that their kids are now listening to our music, that to me is the biggest recognition. Obviously, to be inducted into LSHOF is amazing and we feel very honored.

For the upcoming new album, can we expect it to be all ballads?

You could say that, but it also has some songs that have a different sound to what we've been doing. "Solo quiero olvidarte" is a very romantic track but there are also some that are rancheras. We also include songs that have that sound from old Temerarios tracks like the ones we put out when we fist began our career. Some fans have been begging us for those types of songs. So we include a couple of those as well.

"Solo quiero olvidarte" will be available on all digital platforms Friday. Billboard has an exclusive first look at the single's cover art:


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