Nielsen 2016 Audio Report: 41 Million Latinos Listen to Radio Each Week

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In its latest State of the Media: Audio Today, Nielsen reports that Latino audiences, combined with black listeners, spend more time listening to the radio than any other ethnicity -- representing more than 73 million weekly listeners. Currently, there are 268 million Americans listening to radio on a weekly basis. Latinos alone account for 41 million audio consumers. 

The 2016 study, which focuses on those two ethnic groups specifically, found that radio reaches 97 percent of Latinos, who spend 12 hours and 50 minutes listening to the radio -- a 15-minute increase from last year. The group's top music genre is Mexican Regional, and they're most frequently listening during the middle part of the day, as 70 percent of their tuning-in happens outside of the home. 

The report states: "In this quarter’s look at Black and Hispanic radio audiences, we find that each year for the past five years, the number of radio listeners in both groups has grown. Additionally, these consumers spend more time with radio each week than any other, and also present some very desirable characteristics for marketers when compared against other media."

These numbers show a significant increase from previous reports in the last five years. In 2011, Latinos accounted for 36.5 million weekly national radio listeners while in 2015, the number grew to 40.4 million. 

It's worth mentioning that the top five Latino radio-listening markets in the U.S. are Los Angeles, New York, Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Houston/Galveston and Chicago. "Radio listeners are also a diverse group, reflective of our national population," the report reads. "Their influence is felt everywhere from the ballot box to the grocery store."

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