Juan Gabriel's New Music Video 'Si Quieres': Watch

Juan Gabriel in the video for "Si Quieres."
Courtesy Photo

Juan Gabriel in the video for "Si Quieres."

Just weeks after Juan Gabriel's unexpected death on Aug. 28, a new video for his 1982 classic "Si quieres" was released over the weekend. 

The clip combines images of an orchestra being conducted by Eduardo Magallanes and the Divo de Juárez recording the song in a studio, which he recorded days before he died at 66 years old. At the end of the video, the ballad becomes a festive tune with all 35 musicians up and dancing. 

 Watch "Si quieres" below: 

The track is part of Juan Gabriel's last album Vestido de Etiqueta Por Eduardo Magallanes which was released on Aug. 5. After his death, the chart-topping artist's music saw a spike in sales and streams. In the U.S., his album sales jumped to 37,000 in the week ending Sept. 1. 

Following the success of his albums Los Duo and Los Duo 2, the third volume, Los Duo 3, is expected to be released as a posthumous album featuring duets with Yuridia and Luis Miguel