Bomba Estereo's Li Saumet Talks New Music Video 'Soy Yo'

Bomba Estéreo's video for "Soy Yo."
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Bomba Estéreo's video for "Soy Yo."

Bomba Estéreo's feel-good song "Soy Yo" now has a cool music video to go along with the empowering lyrics. The Colombian band dropped the clip Wednesday (Sept. 7) starring a very confident little girl who is proud of who she is and what makes her unique, despite what other kids or people in her neighborhood might think.

"The video concept was perfect for a song that touches on bullying and intolerance, issues that worry all of us. The way the story in the clip handles those issues is very different and it gives our song a whole new meaning," lead singer Li Saumet told Billboard exclusively. 

For this particular music video, the Grammy-nominated group, known for their psychedelic cumbias and electro-tropical tunes, tapped new talent to come up with the concept by opening a contest for artists around the world to submit their ideas.

"There is so much talent out there that we don't notice sometimes because we're always working with the same people and the same team. We like to change, renovate and evolve constantly. That's why we decided to open up this contest not only in Colombia, but around the world. We really liked the simple concept this Danish team presented, and we went with that."

Watch Bomba Estéreo's "Soy Yo" music video below:

Bomba Estéreo recently announced new tour dates for the U.S., Mexico and South America. The fall trek will take them to cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Guadalajara and Buenos Aires.