Meet 6 Spanish Pop Stars Dominating Spain's Albums Chart

Manuel Carrasco performs in 2016
Juan Naharro Gimenez/Redferns

Manuel Carrasco performs at Royal Theater July 28, 2016 in Madrid, Spain. 

Six of the top 10 albums on Spain’s top albums chart are Spanish. That’s nothing new in Spain -- where domestic artists tend to dominate the chart published by Spanish music industry association Promusicae -- but it still can seem surprising in our ever more globalized music world.

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(The latest top 10 in Spain also includes Beyonce’s Lemonade and the Suicide Squad soundtrack, as well as the cast album from the Disney Latin America show Soy Luna and the debut album from Morat, a Colombian band signed to Universal Music Spain.)

The artists in the current top 10 range from 11-year-old Adrian to Malú, a singer who’s maintained her popularity for about 20 years. These singers represent a current wave of Spanish pop artists that also include Antonio Orozco, Pablo Lopez, Alvaro Soler and others, as well as the more widely known Alejandro Sanz and Pablo Aboral, who can be found further down on Spain’s albums chart this week.

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Manuel Carrasco, Bailar El Viento

Spain’s current No. 1 album -- Bailar El Viento, the sixth release from Manuel Carrasco -- has been on the chart for 41 weeks. Carrasco’s freewheeling vibe has proved irresistible since his 2003 appearance on Spain’s Operación Triunfo (the pioneering TV music reality show that made David Bisbal famous). Carrasco didn’t win that competition, but he made enough of an impression on audiences that his debut album, Quiéreme, sold more than 200,000 copies. The singer’s positive pop songs seasoned with global rhythms and modern romance have made his concerts a hot date-night ticket ever since.

Antonio José, Senti2

Antonio José is your typical Spanish boy next door: Growing up in Cordoba, in Southern Spain, he was a crack soccer player. Oh, he had also launched his professional singing career at age 10, when he came in second in the Eurovision Junior song contest. Music eventually won out over football, and he won Spain’s La Voz reality show in 2015 performing, with flamenco feeling, “Aprendiz,” a song recorded by Alejandro Sanz. The then-21-year-old singer from Cordoba walked off with a recording contract with Universal Music and became the country’s latest pop sensation. Senti2, his second album in as many years, hit No. 1 on the Spanish charts before dropping a notch this week.

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Adrián, Lleno De Vida

While Adrián Martín’s story could be enough reason to buy his album, don’t think the voice of this 11-year-old singer doesn’t stand on its own. Martín is a boy from Malaga born with hydrocephalus; he has had 15 operations since he was a baby. He was also making musical notes in perfect tune since he was in the cradle, according to his mother. Word of her son’s talent spread through social media when she posted a video of him singing flamenco pop artist Rosario Flores’ song “Que Bonito.” On his debut album, he actually sings the song with Rosario Flores, as well as performing with other Spanish stars including India Martínez, José Luis Perales and flamenco singers Estrella Morente and Niña Pastori. Lleno de Vida hit No. 1 in Spain after its release. The album now holds steady at No. 4. Here, Adrían sings “Que Bonito” with an adoring Natalia Jimenez.

Bustamante, Amor de los Dos

David Bustamante, or just Bustamante, has maintained his reputation as Spain’s answer to Ricky Martin for more than a decade. Eight of his nine albums have gone to No. 1, including the latest, Amor de Los Dos, now at No. 6 on Spain’s album chart. Bustamante is an alum of the first Operación Triunfo in 2001, along with David Bisbal. With his chiseled chin and far-off gaze, Bustamante is a classic Latin lover, musically speaking, delivering soaring, sing-along Latin pop as suitable for voicing crushes as it is for accompanying love hangovers.

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Malú, Caos

The niece of flamenco guitar great Paco de Lucia and daughter of the revered flamenco singer Pepe de Lucia, the artist known as Malú has been big in her native country since she made her debut at the age of 15. Now 34, Malú, known for her euphoric stage shows before massive audiences, remains one of the country’s pop artists with the most fans. Her latest album, Caos, reached No. 1 and is now at No. 7 after 37 weeks on the chart.

Sweet California, Head for the Stars 2.0

With a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” a collaboration with Jake Miller, and a mostly English-language repertoire, girl band Sweet California has been beating out some of their own American pop influences on Spain’s charts. The teen magnet trio’s second release Head for the Stars 2.0 went to No. 1 and has been on the chart for 47 weeks. This week it’s at No. 10.