Venezuelans Servando, Oscarcito & Nacho Achieve Success as Songwriters

 Servando Primera
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Servando Primera

Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Alejandro Sanz and Marc Anthony have something in common: They have all joined Venezuelan songwriters/producers to work their new songs.

Servando, Nacho and Oscarcito are part of a new generation of Venezuelan singers who also happen to be songwriters and have recently collaborated with these stars. Billboard spoke with the trio of songwriters to find out what makes them tick when it comes time to write.

Enrique Iglesias' 'Duele el Corazon' Ignites at No. 1 on Latin Airplay

Songwriter: Servando Primera
Superstar: Enrique Iglesias
Song: "Duele El Corazon"
Highlight: "Duele" has been No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs for eight weeks.


How did the collaboration with Enrique Iglesias come about?

In a cosmic way! I met [producer] Luny Tunes in Caracas, who sent Enrique an unfinished demo. Then Enrique -- in a very humble way -- contacted me to sit down, write the song together and have it ready for his album.

How does it feel to see your song at No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs for eight weeks?

It feels incredible! To me, all the glory goes directly to God. This world is so divided by politics, religion, ideals and beliefs, but this song makes us forget our differences, and can make the whole world sing and dance the same melody.

Do you remember your first hit?

On the last album that I recorded with [boy group] Salserin, I wrote "No Importa." that song was heard in almost all Latin America. I still sing it with my brother [Florentino] in every country where we perform.

What did you learn from your father, activist and songwriter Ali Primera?

My father never registered any song, because he said that people were his inspiration. For that reason, I can’t accept praise for my songs. I just thank God for the sensitivity that he gave me to write with a pencil what my eyes tell me.

Songwriter: Oscar Hernandez (also know as Oscarcito)
Superstars: Alejandro Sanz & Marc Anthony
Song: "Deja Que Te Bese"
Highlight:  Debuted at No. 23 on Hot Latin Songs.


Una bonita noche de trabajo junto a @marcanthony y @afrojack !!! Agradezco enormemente a DIOS y al UNIVERSO por ponerme al lado al más duro artista de la Industria Latina y anglo , durante muchos años ha sido un gran amigo , mentor , tutor , padrino y hermano !!! he aprendido mucho de él y ahora es que nos queda caminos por recorrer ! Se avecinan grandes movimientos alguna vez soñados desde mi niñez ... Anoche trabajé también con "AFROJACK" uno de los 10 DJS y PRODUCTORES de la música electrónica más importantes del mundo ... Se une la música Latina con la Música Europea ...! No se imaginan los HITS que saldrán de esta fábrica de ideas ---> #magnus @magnusmediausa ?--?--?--------!!! Sigo trabajando duro por mi familia y por mi país #Venezuela !!! En la foto también está @faismusic un increíble cantante de Holanda , recuerden este nombre será tan grande como su voz !!!

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How did the collaboration with Marc Anthony and Alejandro Sanz came about?

I have a good relationship with Marc Anthony. I was at his offices one day and he heard the song, he liked it and sent it right away to Sanz. Minutes later Alejandro replied, "It's a hit." I couldn't believe it.

How do you describe Marc Anthony?

An amazing human, humble and earthly being. He is passionate about helping people -- we have that in common -- and now I have the honor to have him as a mentor.

How does it feel to know that your song debuted at No. 23 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs?

A dream, an achievement. I'm enjoying it with great humility and serenity.

What inspires you to write?

Life. It's as simple as life! I listen a lot to people and their stories. That’s how I get inspired to write a song.

Songwriter: Miguel Ignacio Mendoza (Nacho)
Superstar: Jennifer Lopez
Highlight:  Nacho has been the songwriter for most of Chino y Nacho's  hits. Now, his current "Andas en Mi Cabeza," featuring Daddy Yankee, reached the top 10 on Hot Latin Songs. Even though his collab with J.Lo is still a mystery, read on to learn more about his songwriting side.


"El secreto es no detenerse". @motiffmusic @jlo @nacholacriatura

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How did you discover your talent?

I really don't remember, but at school I liked poetry and literature. Then I began to develop talent.

Do you remember your first international hit?

As part of Chino y Nacho, my first hit was "Mi Niña Bonita," but also I wrote "Me Gustas Tanto," recorded by Paulina Rubio.

What do you feel when superstars like Jennifer Lopez say that they want to work with you?

It is incredible! Professionally, for me it's very important to write and produce for other artists. It allows me to have a normal life. It is the best choice to continue in music.

What are the perfect ingredients for a song?

These days there are common formulas. For example, make the song catchy from the first verse; the chorus is not the only hook. Young people want something more practical and to the point.


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