Daddy Yankee v. Don Omar: Who's the King of The Kingdom Tour?

Daddy Yankee and Don Omar
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Daddy Yankee and Don Omar perform during The Kingdom Tour at American Airlines Arena on Aug. 6, 2016 in Miami.

For a long time, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar’s fans have been waiting to see them perform together. That dream came true when the reggaeton superstars announced The Kingdom US Tour last year.

Billboard Latin Music Conference: Daddy Yankee and Don Omar Rivalry Continues... Or Not?

After Yankee and Omar’s participation in the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Conference, the tour’s future was uncertain, but at the end both superstars were able to put differences aside to finally kick off the anticipated tour last month in New York. On Saturday (Aug. 6) the tour made its stop in Miami -- at a sold-out American Airlines arena -- where we realized that the show now has a new concept. It's far from its original idea -- but, it still shows why these two are reggaeton kings.

Back in Dec. 2015 The Kingdom’s original idea was to offer fans not only both superstars together in a show, but also present a ‘musical battle’ -- like a boxing match -- where they competed round by round (two for each singer). At the end of the night a winner would be declared after an epic rap battle. This didn't happen in the U.S. portion of the tour. However, the competition to determine who had the best show was still fierce, with fans hotly debating afterward. 

While we didn’t go round by round, here's Billboard's take on the Kingdom musical battle, divvied up by opening act, best song of the night, audience interaction and who had the best repertoire.

Daddy Yankee vs. Don Omar The Kingdom Tour

Round One: Opening act

Daddy Yankee: He began his show with "Rompe." He took the stage after a short introduction that included white laser lights, pyrotechnics and his "Daddy Yankee" chorus. 

Don Omar: "Hasta Abajo" was Don Omar’s first song. He included pyrotechnics and all the monitors on the stage were flashing with the DJ’s mix.

Winner: Daddy Yankee -- the fact that Yankee used more elements on stage made his entrance more interesting.

Round Two:  Best Song of the Night

Daddy Yankee: He turned up the audience with “Lo que paso, paso."


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Don Omar: Definitely, Don Omar’s best song was “Bandolero."


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Winner: Don Omar.  The audience really came alive with the song.

Round Three:  Set List

Daddy Yankee: The Big Boss included over 20 songs on his set list, including “King Daddy,” “Terremoto," “La despedida,” “Que tengo que hacer,” “Descontrol,” “Lovumba,” and his latest hit “Shaky Shaky." Yankee also performed songs where he has collaborated with other artists like Nicky Jam ("Hasta el Amanecer Remix"), Chino & Nacho ("Andas en mi Cabeza") and J Balvin ("Ginza").

Don Omar: His set list included 17 songs such as: “Dale Don Dale,” “Dile,” “Cuentale,” “Pobre Diabla," “Danza Kuduro” and “Hasta que salga el sol."

Winner: Daddy Yankee -- We felt that Don Omar left out important hits like “Dutty Love," “Perdido en tus Ojos” and “Zumba."

Round Four: Interaction with the audience

Daddy Yankee: Since King Daddy had a longer repertoire, he didn’t pause to really interact with the audience. But, he made clear that he was very grateful with everybody for the support and for attending the event.

Don Omar: On the other corner, King Omar took his time to advise all young people that education is the foundation of success. "I was a high school dropout," he said. “But what you learn nobody can steal it,” added.

Winner: Don Omar

Round Five:  Who's the king of The Kingdom? Vote!


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