Soda Stereo Reveals Title of Band-Inspired Cirque du Soleil Spectacular

Courtesy Photo
Soda Stereo

Séptimo Día (Seventh Day) is the title of the Soda Stereo-inspired Cirque du Soleil spectacular set to debut March 2017. "The name of the show has to do with creation," Soda Stereo's Zeta Bosio said in an interview with La Nación. "That was the concept that inspired Michel Laprise (Cirque du Soleil director) to elaborate all aspects of it. And the best title we could come up with for that was Séptimo Día." 

"This show has many things that have never been done by Cirque du Soleil. For example, it will be an interactive show and will premiere at Luna Park in Buenos Aires, where they have never taken one of their shows to. And it will also have the fans participate directly with the spectacular during the show," adds Stereo drummer Charly Alberti. 

The story and music of the 1980s Argentine rock band -- whose frontman, Gustavo Cerati,  died in 2014 after lapsing into a coma -- will be the inspiration behind Cirque du Soleil's new production. "Basically, the concept of the show will be a science fiction story where there is this planet, which is basically Soda, where things are inspired by our songs and how people who live in that planet are inspired by our lyrics," said bassist Bosio. 

Cirque de Soleil is creating the show along with Argentine music promoter PopArt, and Triple, Soda's production company. After its debut in Argentina, Séptimo Día will visit countries including Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.