Mexican Star Gerardo Ortiz Arrested on Charges Stemming From Violent Video

Gerardo Ortiz rehearses for the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards
John Parra/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Gerardo Ortiz rehearses for the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami on April 28, 2015.

Ortiz was detained at the Guadalajara Airport.

Mexican star Gerardo Ortiz was arrested by the Federal Police Saturday night (July 16) at the Guadalajara Airport in Mexico, according to published reports in several Mexican news outlets, including the daily El Universal. Several days ago, an official warrant for Ortiz’s arrest was issued by the Mexican government, charging him with “criminal exaltation” (“apología del delito” in Spanish) in the controversial music video for his single "Fuiste mía."

The video showed in graphic detail a relationship gone wrong, beginning with soft porn scenes inside the shower and ending with a lover shot dead between the eyes and the straying mistress fondled while bound and gagged, then tossed inside a car trunk. 

In the last scene, a smiling Ortiz, who plays the wronged drug lord in the video, lights a cigarette, sets the car on fire and walks away. According to some published reports, the video was filmed at a home linked to drug trafficking. 

The video generated more than 30 million views on Vevo before it was finally taken down, following weeks of protest from multiple sources, including formal condemnation from the Mexican government.

Gerardo Ortiz's 'Fuiste Mía' Video Crosses a Line: How Protests are About More Than Political Correctness

In March, Mexico’s Government Secretary (Secretaría de Gobernación), responsible for the country’s political development and well-being, issued a statement condemning the video. Last week, the Mexican government issued a formal warrant for Ortiz’s arrest, and also for the arrest of the producer of the video. 

On Saturday, according to a report published on El Universal, Ortiz arrived at the airport in Guadalajara, presented his U.S. passport as ID and was arrested by officers aware of the warrant. 

At press time, Ortiz’s team had not provided comment to Billboard.

However, in early April, Ortiz held a press conference where he addressed protests against the video and stressed that what was shown on the video was “pure fiction.” 

He also said that the publicity generated by the video had at least one positive outcome. “No offense, but it’s a good thing that all the organizations that defend women’s rights have been able to use these platforms to get their message cross and defend their rights

"I hope this clarifies things,” added Ortiz at the time. “This is the artist speaking; the fictional character is in the video.” 

Since then, “Fuiste mía” has been rising steadily on the charts and last week hit the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart
The crime of “criminal exultation” is not one that is commonly prosecuted.  According to Jalisco DA Eduardo Almaguer, it’s a minor crime, punishable with one to six months in prison. 

However, Mexican sensibilities are heightened due to the toll exacted by drug-related violence, and Ortiz’s video, given his status as one of the country’s biggest superstars, struck a nerve. 

Ortiz is currently on tour and is a judge on TV reality competition Tengo talento, mucho talento on Estrella TV.