Jesse & Joy Tease New English Tracks 'Echoes of Love' & 'Run': Listen

Jesse Y Joy in 2016
Andre Kang/GDA via AP Images

 Jesse Y Joy photographed on June 8, 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

While in Miami for the annual Premios Juventud show, Jesse & Joy gave a preview of two of their new English tracks exclusively on Billboard's Facebook Live.

The Mexican brother and sister duo, whose Mom is from Wisconsin and dad from Mexico City, performed a few seconds of the English versions of previously recorded Spanish tracks "Echoes of Love" (Ecos de amor) and "Run" (Corre). "Growing up we spoke English and Spanish, so whatever music was in our lives it came in both languages," says Joy. "'Ecos de amor' was actually written first in English so this is the original version." 

The duo revealed there will be a music video attached to "Run" with Joy starring in the clip. "It's like a movie where I get to play dress up and I'm dressing from the 1800s and the 1950s," said Joy. 

Jesse & Joy were recently signed by Fernando Giaccardi and longtime partner and client Enrique Iglesias on a joint venture with Red Light Management. The deal came just as the siblings had begun recording English songs for the first time. "Even though we have been singing in Spanish, we have been inspired by both cultures. When we sing in English, you will hear our Latin culture inspiration in there too," explained Jesse. 

Below, watch Jesse & Joy give a sneak peek of "Echoes of Love" and "Run."